What is the Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre?

The Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre or AJSIC was established in 1991 operating out of one of the believers’ garages.  The commemoration ceremonies in the Islamic calendar were upheld. The founding committee consisted of many great personalities like Haj Abu Abdallah Alkazemi, Haj Abu  Ammar Khalaf, and many more brothers. Under the guidance of Sheikh Fahd Mehdi, the first Muslim Shia Cleric in Australia and also the founder and builder of Al Zahra mosque, realised the growing community needed more outlets for Islamic propagation.

Why Shia?

We are called the Shia because the Holy Prophet (SAWW) named the Shia of Ali (as) as the best and victorious ones of his nation. We aspire to be the Shia of Ali and therefore bear this name. In the wider community, of course, we are Muslim, but for too long we have been misrepresented and thus failed to be recognised.

Our History…

In 1992 we moved into larger premises to meet with the demand and growth of the community. Rockdale CBD made a great location. The centre was the cornerstone of the Islamic Education of the Islamic youth in the St George Area. Over the years, through the dedication of volunteers like Abu Jaafar Bahraini and Abu Hassan Musali and many others, we paved the way for a larger centre in Turrella. In 2000 we moved into our new premises in Turrella with the intention to create a Community Centre with a school to cater for the growth of the community.

Our Loss

In 2005 we lost a great leader of the community Sheikh Fahd Mehdi due to arterial complications. This had a negative impact on the community and created a huge vacuum that could never be filled.

We took consolation in the excellent community he had left behind and the lineage of upstanding youth.

In 2007, we acquired a new centre-back in the St George heartland in a prime location near the Kogarah CBD. This new property proved to be an excellent staging ground for new and better programmes. We have used this location as a community support centre and a place for Islamic education and youth issues.

2011 and beyond

The Jaafaria centre is a well-established community; we have educational programs for children, youth and adults in both English and Arabic. Along with youth activities that range from camping to an upcoming soccer team in 2012.  We will continue to strive and support our community with various programmes and activities and welcome all to take advantage of the centre.  In order to improve our services, we welcome you to contact us with any issues, comments or feedback that you may have of the centre.