Child Safe Policy - 2021


Our policy guides workers being (paid and volunteer) on how to behave when interacting and engaging in our organisation or any of our programs. The policy focuses on how we can construct and maintain a child safe environment which allows transparency and the children’s participation.


Children’s Participation

Our organisation supports the active participation of children in the programs, education, activities and all services we provide or offer. We encourage and support children to provide feedback or raise any concerns. We respect and listen to any views they have. When making decisions especially about matters that directly affect them we involve the children.



  1. Our organisation is diligent with screening and our
    selection process. Recruitment strategies are constantly
  2. Our practises to achieve this standard are using
    references, interviews and the working with children


Complaints Management and Reporting

Our procedure in upholding complaints or concerns which have been made to Child Safety contact Mr Moufid Mehdi (0412186864) who will undertake our step by step management:

  1. Complaint is received.
  2. Record the complaint details.
  3. Acknowledge the complaint by establishing contact with
  4. Access the complaint make a report and immediately, apply risk management, address safety concerns and consider actions relating to subject of complaint.
  5. Plan the involvement of child/ young person/staff/volunteer.
  6. If complaints findings result in on findings of concern an informal resolution process is taken. The outcome and avenues for review are explained. The complaint is closed and a record will be kept.
  7. After receiving clearance from the relevant external body after making the report an investigation of the complaint continues.
  8. Analyse, access and weigh the evidence and make a final determination. Explain the finalised outcome and avenues for review. We ensure that fairness is applied to the complaint and keep the complainant updated.
  9. If the complaint requires further referral government agency are notified police or working with children body.


Training, support and supervision of workers

Our organisation promotes respect, fairness consideration for all our staff and volunteers.
All our programs or education services are assigned a mentor/support worker who will supervise their work.
All new staff/volunteers are notified and receive a copy of our child safety policies and procedures. Meetings are arranged which allows staff/volunteers to ask questions and to clarify their understanding of policies.
We encourage questioning and contribution for improvements of our child safe policies, procedures and practices in our workplace.


Other legislation, industry standards or internal policies

  • Recruitment Policy
  • Code of conduct
  • Complaints policy
  • Ongoing training made available to staff/volunteers



We hold information session for staff and volunteers.
Our policies are discussed during induction session.
Children and parents when joining our programs are made aware of our policies.



The policy will be reviewed every 2 years and incorporated comments and suggestions from any stakeholders, parents, workers, staff, volunteers, families and children.