Complaint Policy - 2021


This policy applies to complaints of misconduct or any allegations of abuse (physical, psychological and sexual). This policy applies to any worker or volunteers.


Reporting Obligations

Any complaint/ reporting of abuse must be reported. Management must take action, address safety concerns and consider action subject to the compliant. A report must be reviewed and updates continue.

Child Protection (working with children) Act 2012.


Types of complaints

Misconduct, violence, abuse and any child safety concerns.


Responsible workers

Public Officer : Mr Moufid Mehdi


Making a complaint

Any staff, worker or volunteer.


Complaint process

  1. Complaint received.
  2. Record the compliant details.
  3. Acknowledge the complaint.
  4. Access the complaint.
  5. Plan the involvement of the child / young person.
  6. Informal resolution process.
  7. Investigate complaint.
  8. Analyse, assess and weigh evidence and make final determination.
  9. Record data.
  10. Facilitate ongoing support.


Privacy and Confidentiality

All information gather is confidential and its only disclosed if required by law. We have any officer who has been delegated for this role. All documents are filed and accessed by the officer.
Personal information that identifies a child or young person or another individual associated with a complaint should be disclosed only under the relevant privacy laws.


Communication and support for stakeholders

We conduct meetings with staff / volunteers instructing and reminding them of our complaint policy and their obligations to make sure our organisation in always child safe environment.
Our policies are visible.


Review date

Every two years our policy is updated.