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The Holy Prophet peace be upon him & his progeny has said:

"when the human dies his deeds are cut off, except for three: "knowledge someone benefits from, a charity that continues in his name, or a child that does Dua for him."

Supporting the establishment of faith through Mosques and Islamic centres to allow the remembrance of Allah (swt) and the teachings of Ahlul bayt (as) is the best of deeds. All who benefit and advance their faith, every time they commit a good act you too will earn rewards (hasanat).

What we at the Jaafaria do?

The Al Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre's aim, since it established in 1991, is to provide a spiritual and moral infrastructure to the shia Islamic community. We persevere through spiritually nourishing programs like:

  • Thursday night dua Kumayl and guidance lectures weekly in Arabic.
  • Saturday night weekly spiritual and moral lectures in English.
  • Shia scripture in NSW public schools (23).
  • Imam al Mahdi moral and cultural school.
  • Commemorations and celebrations of the Birth and demise of the 14 infallibles.
  • Month long program in the Holy month of Ramdhan with nightly Qur'an recitation and lectures.
  • Establishing Muharram commemoration annually - both Ashura and Arbaeen.
  • Live streaming service of all functions.

These programs are in service of the community and our committee is purely made of volunteers. We at the Jaafaria are now offering you the opportunity to take an active part in a charity that will remain with you till the hereafter. For $25.00 per week you can have your part in establishing and spreading the Shia faith in Sydney. You may contribute directly via PayPal or electronic transfer.

Donate $25 Per Week

A small donation makes a huge difference

Electronic transfer

You can schedule fund transfer to:

Account Name: Aljaafaria Society
BSB: 082-342
Account Number: 571866940

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